How To Be The Best Boyfriend Ever, According To Boyfriends

couple kissing

Instead of another study on having a better relationship, we went straight to the source.

What does it take to be a stellar boyfriend? Every relationship is different, but there are a few staple traits that will make you stand out as a great partner.

But instead of getting another study to tell you how to be a better in a relationship, we decided to collect some advice from — you guessed it — the best boyfriends ever. Get ready to take notes, fellas.

1. Have Patience
"It takes patience to be a "great boyfriend," patience within yourself to teach your partner new things and patience to learn. Also keep in mind never to use our experiences with past relationships to base our current ones. We can use those memories to grow and mature, but never compare the current lover to someone from the past. All human beings are different entities." — Sean M.

2. Show Interest
"It always helps to be conscious of how your partner is feeling, and ask questions about a person's day, show interest. Another thing is just about constant, open two-way communication." — Sam G.

3. Take Note Of The Little Things And Use Them Later
"I try to listen to what she is saying and then really remember one or two things. Maybe something she has really been wanting, or something that I know I could buy her that would make her life easier. In the beginning, I asked what her favorite flower is and make a note of it in my phone, this way when it comes time for me to get her some, I know exactly what it is without having to fish around."— Paul D.

4. Put Her First
"I believe being a good boyfriend is something only a few men can understand. It's putting somebody else's life ahead of yours because you want to, not because you have to." — Justin H.

5. Provide Emotional Security
"Being a good boyfriend is always being there for the one you love, listening to her when she wants to talk, supporting her in all she does, taking her side, making her believe she looks beautiful when she doesn't, holding her tight when she doesn't feel good, and not making her cry." — Jose F.

6. Bring The Funny
"Try to make them laugh and smile all the time." — Michael S.

7. Don't Be Afraid To Provide Tough Love
"Good boyfriends should not be afraid to tell their girlfriends when they disagree with them or give tough love. A good boyfriend should be his girlfriend's best friend and biggest critic. The dynamic of a good relationship relies on both partners knowing that there is unconditional love between them. So if one partner can't take criticism well or does not like the level of love being given to them, the relationship won't work." — Sean T.

8. Let Go Of The Reins
Some men don't have a problem with admitting that they don't wear the pants in the relationship.

"Do whatever the woman wants." — Augustus T.

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