You Can Tell How Good A Guy Is In Bed Just By Looking At Him

couple in bed

You'll never look at men the same way again.

You can't tell how good a man is in bed by just his appearance. That would be ridiculous. Right? Actually, wrong.

That shy gentleman who took you out to dinner the other night may actually be an animal in the sack. On the other hand, that boisterous dude who took you to a crazy rock concert may be a dud. While there is no way to truly tell until you both hit the sheets, there are a few signals. Daily Mail writer Tracey Cox lists 13 ways to tell what he may be like in the bedroom.

He's good in bed if...

1. He bites his nails. "Nail-biters push themselves to the limits (hence the stress-busting biting habit) by pushing boundaries and going to extremes," Cox says. That's kind of a surprise for all of us — who would've thought?!

2. He's bilingual. "It implies intelligence and effort," Cox says. Two very, very attractive traits that could certainly boost the quality of your sexy time.

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This article was originally published at The Stir. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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