These 'Notebook'-Themed Engagement Photos Are Kind Of Everything


Seriously, I'm plotzing.

Who doesn't love The Notebook? One Canadian couple certainly does. Cindy Gauthier and Jean-Nicola Barile decided to give their engagement photos a unique spin, going for a retro, 1940s/Notebook vibe. These photos first made the rounds on the internet in 2010. Four years later, they have resurfaced just in time for the 10-year anniversary of the film.

It was Cindy who selected the theme, turning to her favorite movie for inspiration. By chance, the bride bears a striking resemblance to Rachel McAdams. When you have that kind of material to work with, you don't waste it. You make sparkling pictures. I wonder what the wedding photos were like!

Check them out and sigh at the adorableness! 



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