What Women Really Think ... Of Sex In Public


Ready to venture outside the bedroom?

On my bucket list is sex in public. I've tried to pull it off, but it's a tricky situation, and does require more effort than sometime you even want to put into sex. While the thought of having sex on a beach, as the waves crash in, is wonderful in the movies, but in the real life, does it ever go well?

We asked a few women their opinions on the topic. Should we keep it in the movies or make this something we do every once in a while to spice things up in our sex lives?

Been there, done that.

"One word: 'meh.' Did it in college a couple times with my boyfriend in the lower quad of campus, but considering my fear of getting caught, it was hardly enjoyable," says Jenny, 25.

"I've done it, but I did it in my freshly out of a relationship from my first sexual partner ever so let's f**k anything that moves phase, and my 'f**k it why not' hormones were raging, if they exist. Now, I feel like that's something I would never do because I have restraint and my bed is way more comfortable than the staircase at my university after a late class," says Colleen, 30.

"Once. Outside in an alley in Barcelona. I can definitely blame movies for making the public f**k look hot. (And he was SO hot, so how could it not be fantastic?) However, it is just awkward and not something I've tried since," says Elizabeth, 29.

It's called 'going to bed' together for a reason, you guys.

"For me, it depends how 'public' we're talking. Really crowded places hold no appeal for me (the excitement other people feel at getting caught just makes me feel tense and skeezed out, which makes for not fun sex). However, I HAVE done the off-the-main-trail in a public park, (particularly if not during busy hours), family style single bathrooms, and considered (though didn't actually get a chance to) in the back of a moving car. It does seem though, the older I get, the more 'at home' sounds like the best, most comfortable option," says Becky, 29.

"Sand in my vagina, rocks in my back, or at home in bed or on the couch? I really think that's a no-brainer," says Lindsay, 35.

Let's keep it in the movies, shall we?

"No thanks. I am a private person. But I do like to hear others people stories," says Autumn.

"Hot in theory. Usually awkward in execution," says Sarah, 33.

So, the jury still seems to be out on the topic, but as Autumn mentions, it does make for interesting stories, if you're on the listening end of that time your friend was spotted by an old couple while trying to have sex in Central Park. Yes, that's a real story I heard, and I swear I wasn't the one trying to do it.


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