Out In The Open: What Guys Really Think Of … Having Sex In Public


Is your guy as eager as you to show off his skills in a public park?

There's a really good chance that getting it on somewhere more public and way less private than your bedroom has found it's way on to your sexual bucket list. The thrill of getting caught, the temptation of doing something you shouldn't, the fear that you’ll be found out — doing the deed in a public place has all the precursors of a promising, memorabe and totally public sexual adventure. But while getting your freak on in the front seat with the windows down seems like a rowdy ride we all want to take, is it really?

We took to the men in our lives to figure out just what they feel about getting in it on in public, whether or not he really wants to do it and what else is on their bucket list. And trust me, they didn't hold back.

Is Sex In Public Really That Important?
Matt, 35, says that wanting to take your sexual experiences public is something that you typically want when you're younger. "In high school," he says, "basically every guy dreamed of having sex in an open field somewhere, or on top of a picnic table in some public park. It was just the thing that you wanted to do when you were younger. I think when you get older though, you stop wanting that. You realize sex isn't really a competition and you do the things that you want to do instead."

Adam, 27, disagrees. "I've had sex in public a few times and not gonna lie, I'd definitely do it again. It's just fun and thrilling. I mean, I don't do it when people are looking or when there are little kids around, but it’s definitely exciting to take something that’s so private and so taboo in our culture and just do it in the open."

Jeff, 26, shares that he's had sex in the open several times and while he does think it’s something that you do when you're younger, doing it now doesn’t make it any less fun. "It’s just an experience," he says. "You want to do things that are different, you want to step outside of the box and take your appetite and desires to new places with new people. Just because it's something that you did when you were 18 or 20 doesn’t mean it still isn't just as fun now as it was then. Trust me, it's still fun."

Have They Done It?
Guys weren't shy when it came to talking about their most adventurous experiences. Most of them admitted that yes, they'd done the dirty somewhere other than the comforts of their beds, their backseats and their kitchen tables. What differed, though, was the humor that surrounded every experience.

"My girlfriend and I had just graduated from college when we decided to test drive our newfound sexuality," remembers Collin, 25. There was this country club right near our dorm that had this little gazebo right nearby. So to celebrate our graduation, we packed a picnic breakfast and headed to the club before sunrise. We kinda forgot that the grounds were maintained very nicely — so when the guys showed up, we were a little unprepared. Needless to say, the grounds crew got an awesome view of my girl naked.”

Tyler, 31, said he and his girlfriend took to their balcony to get to know each other. "We were on vacation together with my parents and we had our own room, so we decided to take advantage of the tropical view and the late night heat. It was all fun and games and good memories until my girlfriend was against the balcony and boom, it broke. It was mortifying for both of us. We had to call security and the grounds crew to fix things."

What's Your Number One Bucket List Bang?
"Honestly? I don't have a specific place that I want to have sex," Freddie, 25, says. "But if I had to reveal one of my must dos, it'd be having a threesome."

Tom, 33, says that his number one is to sleep with a girl on the beach somewhere … as long as there's a big blanket. "I know there's the fear of the sand in the vagina and everything, but sex on the beach in a really exotic place with someone you love? Not sure there's anything better."

Adam, 29, says that his biggest bucket list to-do is to watch his woman with another woman. "Listen," he says, laughing, "I don’t even need to be a part of it. I just really, really want to watch."


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