Bye, Beyonce! See Solange Knowles' Most Gorgeous Instagram Pics!


Solange Knowles' Instagram is under scrutiny now, so take a peek at her most beautiful shots!

Solange Knowles is finally almost as famous as her big sister, Beyonce -- but for all the wrong reasons. Solange was caught on camera trying to beat down Beyonce's husband, Jay Z, in an elevator after the 2014 Met Gala, and the footage made the self-proclaimed "solo star" a household name overnight. This, after years of struggling to break through into the mainstream with her music!

Since the incident became public, Solange reportedly deleted every photo of her sister, Beyonce, from her @saintrecords Instagram account, while Beyonce responded by posting more photos with Solange. Killing them with kindness, maybe?

Solange keeps her private life relatively private outside of her social media rants and subtle shade, but it's about to get much more public than ever before. Celebrate Solange and her drunk-kicking glory with her most beautiful Instagram shots!

One thing you'll learn fast from Solange's Instagram: The gal loves water!

Solange Knowles Instagram

Another thing Solange loves? Her son, Daniel Julez. How cute is he?

Solange Knowles Instagram

Even in her selfies, Solange Knowles has an artistic, hipster edge to everything she does.

Solange Knowles Instagram

Solange distracts from her beauty with some sick specs. Who else could pull those off?! (Okay, Lady Gaga -- but who else?)

Solange Knowles Instagram

Of course, Solange Knowles cleans up beautifully for glam events, too.

Solange Knowles Instagram

How does her skin not get all pruney?

Solange Knowles Instagram

Did Solange take a cue from Willow Smith here?

Solange Knowles Instagram

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