Must-Watch: New Yorkers Reveal How They Lost Their Virginity

old couple sitting on a park bench

Hey, everyone has an interesting story to tell!

Everyone has a story about their first time. Mostly, they aren't glamorous. In this day and age we expect their first sexual partner to be a former flame. Or perhaps not even a flame, but one of those people we are embarrassed we even gave the time of day.

The story will probably be about a gross, strange, short and uncomfortable first encounter with an act we have heard so much about—sex. It's certainly a coming of age story that can lend itself to comedy and luckily Ilana Glazer aka Chronic Gamer Girl, is around to take the comedic opportunity to take a video of strangers telling these stories.

Watch New Yorkers of all ages, sexual orientations, sexes spill their first time stories to the comedian while she cracks a few jokes and even flirts with them.

Watch the hilarious interview here: Ilana Glazer (AKA Chronic Gamer Girl) Talks Virginity Loss With Strangers In A Park


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