23 Reasons You Might Be Addicted To 'The Vampire Diaries'


'The Vampire Diaries'
The supernatural hit turns 100 today!

The Vampire Diaries is back tonight with its 100th episode, which is sure to be a doozy! Star Nina Dobrev reveals, "It makes a big splash!" As does anything involving Ian Somerhalder, no?

The last time we saw the gang, Damon had just dumped Elena (I mean, what?!), Stefan had some fun with a quickly aging (and dying?) Katherine, Bonnie and Jer were closer than ever, and Caroline was, well, Caroline.

Things pick up where they left off in tonight's episode. And to celebrate TVD’s big achievement, we're fully admitting that we're addicted to this show now more than ever. Here's why!

1. Stefan or Damon? Stefan or Damon? Ugh, it's harder than Sophie's Choice!

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2. Even as a diehard fan, you aren't ashamed to admit it took a while to process the Stefan-Silas doppelganger storyline.

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3. You fantasize about having a relationship as hot and steamy as Delena's!

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4. Attracted to Ripper Stefan? You're not the only one!

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5. You believe 110 percent that Caroline's transformation into a vampire was the best thing that ever happened to her. Girl kicks ass!

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6. Life in Mystic Falls just doesn't seem right without Klaus around.

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7. Damon's amazing dance moves make you feel things.

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8. Bonnie and Jeremy getting as close to happily ever after as possible is like Cinderella getting her happy ending!

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9. You busted out your happy dance when Damon and Elena finally kissed.

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10. All the eye candy constantly makes you drool.

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11. The 1700s! The 1860s! The 1920s! We love a good period flashback!

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12. The amazingness that is Nina Dobrev as she plays at least two characters in most episodes!

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13. Losing Bonnie felt like you had just lost your own best friend.

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14. So. Much. Drama. It's OK, Stefan. You can cry on our shoulder anytime!

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15. You still wish Elena wasn't a vampire and could have a shot at a normal life.

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16. Even the most evil characters (cough Klaus cough) became quite endearing, likeable, and (obvi) swoonworthy. And we'll always ship Klaroline!

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17. They always find a way to bring Jeremy back to life. #praisethewriters

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18. Making Katherine human again was the best twist for her character ever. We wonder what's next for her?!

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19. Oh, the cliffhangers. The cliffhangers, I tell ya!

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20. All the brooding makes you wish you could brood IRL.

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21. These vampires really know how to party. Please tell us your secret to drinking THAT much whiskey while escaping a hangover!

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22. Galas, fairs, parades, oh my! If it didn't mean we'd most likely get killed, we would move to Mystic Falls in a heartbeat.

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23. One of the best, hottest and most literal bromances to ever exist on TV. #WeWantASalvatoreSandwich

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