24 Signs You Are 100% Addicted To The 'Scandal' TV Show

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Thursday nights are reserved for two things: Olivia Pope and red wine.

It's hard to lead an exciting life when Olivia Pope and her team of Gladiators do it so much better, right?

Every week you cozy up with your red wine and DVR to watch Kerry Washington take over the world ... and there's no judgment over here.

And honestly, staying safe and sound at home is much better than dealing with, you now, people. (shudder)

We understand.

t's basically impossible not to be completely obsessed—so warning—here are the symptoms that may occur when you have an addiction to the Scandal TV show.

When someone asks you to go out on a Thursday night:
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Every morning you look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're a Gladiator:
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You occasionally cheer out loud when something finally goes right for David Rosen:
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You've been dreaming of the day you get to use an Olivia Pope line on a man:
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Nothing impresses you more about Olivia Pope than her ability to not spill red wine on her white clothing:
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You've started to worry that Barack and Michelle may have marital problems:
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You are thankful everyday that Shonda Rhimes was born to create such an amazing show:
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When you found out about Olivia's dad, you were like:
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You really want to hate Charlie the assassin, but you really can't quite get over that he used to date Rachel Green:
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You have the perfect line for the moment you meet real life Olivia Pope, Judy Smith:
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Any time you see Kerry Washington IRL you stop all things to watch her:
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When people try to argue that Revenge is better than Scandal:
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When Huck is sad you can't even control your emotions:
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Friends have grown annoyed of your constant need to "fix" their problems:
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You've prepared a speech for when your father reveals his true identity as Command of B613:
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When Netflix started airing season two, you were like:
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Somewhere on your computer is a Photoshop document of what you would look like with Kerry Washington's perfect lips:
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You have always been 100% committed to Fitz:
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But you've been confused this season because Jake is sexy:
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You have a serious love-hate relationship with Mellie Grant and Cyrus Bean:
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You've officially adopted "It's handled" as your personal catchphrase:
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You've started going after emotionally unavailable men because Olivia Pope makes it seem appealing:
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When you sit down to watch the show and realize it's a re-run:
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Because your life is just not complete without Olivia and her Gladiators:
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