The 10 Hottest Wives In Baseball

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Lovely ladies!

It's not an easy job, being an athlete's wife. But like their football counterparts, these ladies are more than just a pretty face. They are models, athletes, actresses, TV personalities, and so much more.



Misty May-Treanor
Husband: Matt Treanor, retired
Claim to fame: volleyball Olympian
Lisa Dergan
Husband: Scott Podsednik, Boston Red Sox
Claim to fame: Playboy Playmate and sportscaster
Jennie Finch
Husband: Casey Daigle, San Francisco Giants
Claim to fame: most famous softball player in the world
Shannon Schambeau
Husband: John Patterson, Washington Nationals
Claim to fame: beauty queen (former Miss District of Columbia)
Amber Marie Seyer
Husband: Barry Zito, San Francisco Giants
Claim to fame: beauty queen (former Miss Missouri)
Laura Cover
Husband: Aaron Boone, retired
Claim to fame: Playboy Playmate
Emily Kuchar
Husband: Zack Greinke, LA Dodgers
Claim to fame: former beauty queen and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader
Lisa Guerrero
Husband: Scott Erickson, retired
Claim to fame: journalist, model and sportscaster
Joanna Garcia
Husband: Nick Swisher, Cleveland Indians
Claim to fame: actress
Stephenie LaGrossa
Husband: Kyle Kendrick, Philadelphia Phillies
Claim to fame: TV personality



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