Lend Me Some Sugar And I'm Yours, Baby: A College Fund Strategy


Sugar Daddies Help Female College Students With Tuition
Sugar daddies are fueling finances for cash-constrained college ladies.

High powered men with lots of money to blow and cute co-ed's looking for financial assistance to cover crazy college costs. The two come together on the popular dating website, SeekingArrangement. With more than two million men signed up as 'sugar daddies' who want to act as piggy banks in exchange for sexual favors or at least a dinner date, the site appeals to the cliche cash conscious student.

In fact, site founder and CEO Brandon Wade said that female students constitute 44 percent of the website's "sugar babies," receiving, on average, $3,000 a month from their wealthy benefactors. Recently, website employees actually visited schools with the greatest number of registered sugar babies and conducted a poll asking students how they would spend their sugar daddies' dough.


Read the full report at The Daily Beast: The Sugar Daddy Scholarship

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