What Women Really Think ... Of Pixie Haircuts


Sexy Hair: What Women Really Think Of Pixie Haircuts
The guys spoke, and now it's time for the ladies to sound off!

We heard what men had to say about the trend-setting cut, but now it's time to take the question to the women: Is the 'do a must… or a major don't?

Why Women Are Doing It:
When Sasha was inspired to get the cropped hairstyle after working with a woman who had one, she was nervous she wouldn't be able to pull it off. "I was worried that my face would be too exposed and it might make me look ugly." But years later, she says, on a trip to Paris after an emotional time, she worked up the nerve to cut it all off. "A trip to Europe made me take the plunge."


It was a similar story for Jess, 24, when she opted for a pixie at 21 — and never looked back. "I always had short hair and every time summer rolled around I wanted to cut it off. I would see actresses and musicians that I followed with a pixie and I really loved how it looked. It was feminine, easy to manage, and super sexy. Finally, when I was in college I just did it — no regrets."

How It Makes Them Feel:
Now that Sasha has a pixie, she says she feels much more confident. "I had curly hair that was usually more frizzy than anything else growing up, and I feel like I look more put together (and prettier) now that my hair is short." Jess says that with a pixie she feels like a "total babe," adding that "People notice me more now. When I meet someone new, I know that it's harder to forget my face because I don't look like every other girl — and I had never gotten so many compliments on my how pretty my face is before I got rid of my hair."

"I also like that I don't need to "do" my hair in the morning now because it looks nice once I comb it after a shower," Sasha says. "I even find that I dress up more when my hair is at it's shortest. I wear more skirts and scarves and always earrings." Jess echoes, "I save so much money on shampoo and other hair products now, it's great!"

Is It Feminine?
Sasha is the first to tell me that she likes her haircut because it "doesn't conform to traditional views of femininity. If a guy is hung up on long hair and won't date me because of my short hair, I don't think I'd want to date him anyway. If a guy assumes I'm a lesbian because of my hair and won't get to know me because of that," she says, "it's his loss because I don't want to date someone who stereotypes like that."

Jess' sentiments are almost identical to Sasha's. She says, "I've had plenty of guys tell me that my hair looks terrible — but I don’t need hair to feel feminine. I have plenty of other assets that make me a woman but my hair is something I can change — and it's something I love." She adds that while guys are at an impasse on how they feel, women are always the first to rattle off comments at her daring 'do. "It's usually other girls that have something positive to say about the way I cut my hair. They love it — and they give me credit for having the balls to do it. It makes me laugh at how backwards men really are about the whole thing!"

As For Other Women, Here's What They Had To Say:
"A pixie is the most feminine cut, in my opinion. If you dare to cut all your hair off, it's because you have a strong face that can carry that kind of look. I wish I could do it," says Morgan, 26.

"When guys tell me that they 'love' my long hair, I think 'Of course you do. It's long … and it's what you're told that you should like.' But when I really think about women with hairstyles I love — it's people who get pixies, like Miley and Twiggy and Halle and Ginnifer Goodwin. They look so sexy!" Erin, 28, says.

"I could never do it, but I love hearing about why women cut their hair off. Sometimes it's for a big life change and other times it just because they're bored. I love hearing why they did it and how liberating it feels," says Jaclyn, 23.

"You know how guys find the hottest girl at the bar and head straight for them? I’m always looking around for the most interesting looking people — and I love that it’s usually women that I find! Why wouldn't a guy want to talk to a girl with an awesome hairstyle like that? They're idiots if they don't," says Allie, 31.

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