How To Get Out Of Your Post-Baby Sex Slump

Parenting: How To Get Out Of Your Post-Baby Sex Slump

5 ways to get back in the groove.

It's been six weeks after you gave birth to your bundle of joy. But after sleepless nights, messy clothes and extra weight that won't seem to go away, you're probably not feeling so sexy. And, despite your husband's excitment the six weeks are up, jumping back in bed may feel like the last thing you want to do. 

But sex is crucial to your marriage — and it may just take a little extra work, a helping hand and some rearranging in your schedule to get back in the mood.

From splurging on a babysitter, our friends at Wetpaint Moms offer some foolproof ways on how to get your groove back.

See the full list at Wetpaint Moms: 5 Tips For Getting Out of Your Post-Baby Sex Slump

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