Throwback Thursday: 10 Couples' Costumes Inspired By The 90s


Throwback Thursday: 10 Couples' Costumes Inspired By The 90s
Throwback time!

Halloween is almost upon us, which means it's time to start thinking about costumes! And what better choice than to go 90s-retro (yep, the 90s are officially retro). Score nostalgia points with any of these fun, 90s-inspired costumes from TV, film and real life.



1. Any two Spice Girls: We suggest Ginger (Union Jack dress) and Posh (black mini dress and an everlasting scowl).

2. Doug and Skeeter, from "Doug": For Doug, you'll need a green sweater vest, white T-shirt and khaki shorts. For Skeeter, grab a red T-shirt and bright red sweatpants (for extra points, paint yourself aqua!).


3. Urkel and Laura: The geeky half of this adorable duo will need some jeans held up by suspenders and a wild printed shirt, while Laura can rock just about any awesome 90s ensemble.

4. Cher and Josh, from "Clueless": Bring Cher to life with a pleated mini skirt, blazer and that fabulous blonde hair. For Josh, a button-down and jeans will get the job done.

5. The Men in Black: Black suits and dark sunglasses are all you need! Plus, an intimidating air.

6. Mulder and Scully: Just throw some long trench coats over a couple of dark suits, and you're good to go.

7. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain: You'll both need some luscious blonde locks. Then a T-shirt and jeans will do for Kurt, while Courtney will need something a bit more tattered and lingerie-esq.

8. Clarissa and Sam from "Clarissa Explains It All": Wacky is the keyword here. Clarissa will need printed bike shorts, a button-down top and a man's vest. Sam can go vintage 90s grunge.

9. Old School Bill and Hillary Clinton: Throw on some dark power suits and Hillary, tease that hair up high!

10. Daria and Jane, from "Daria": For Daria, get your hands on a black skirt and combat boots, green jacket and her signature round glasses. For Jane, go with a red blazer over an all-black ensemble, including tights and boots.

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