The Best Places To Have Sex—According To YT Readers


You dished on the best places to get down and dirty!

As part of our recent Durex® & YourTango reader survey, we asked: Where have you and your partner had the best sex?

Ask this question in person and you're sure to see a twinkle in the respondents' eye, a sly smile on his or her face. For most of us, our best sexual experiences aren't soon forgotten. Read on to see the list of YourTango readers' eight most memorable sexy-time locales.


1. The Bedroom! Unsurprisingly, the #1 place readers reported having had the best sex was none other than their very own bedrooms. There's something about the familiarity and privacy of one's own bed that helps people relax and turn loose.



2. The Kitchen, Living Room, Hallway ... After the bedroom, other rooms throughout the house ranked high on the list of awesome places in which to get it on. One reader even listed "garage" as the site of his/her most memorable sexcapade.



3. Hotels. We weren't surprised to see this one rank so highly on the list. A stay at a hotel usually means a night or more free from the responsibilities of the daily grind — and there's no bigger turn-on for many women than a to-do-list-free mind. Plus what's sexier than visiting a new city and spending the night in a swanky hotel?



4. The Car. As our past research has shown, most couples actually love spending time together in the car. This survey revealed that the car's not just a novel place to hook up for many people — it's actually the best place they've ever done it.





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