7 Women Come Clean About Their Secret Bedroom Personas


7 Women Come Clean About Their Secret Bedroom Personas
What's your sexy alter ego?

If you've ever fantasized about being a small time secretary seduced by a big time exec, or a stranded civilian who gets rescued and ravished by a hunky cop, you're not alone! Seven women come clean about the secret bedroom personas that they'd love to act out with their man.

"So just like every other 20-something with a pulse, I'm obsessed with the show Girls. My boyfriend is really sweet and would never demand that I do anything that I didn't want to do, especially in the bedroom — but I've been having this fantasy about re-enacting the scene from last season's finale, where Adam demands that Natalia get on the floor, crawl to his bedroom and lets him finish on her. I'd even want him to call me Natalia, and I'd call him Adam ... " —Helena H., 24, Charlottesville, VA


"I know that this is probably outplayed, but I'm still not over Fifty Shades of Grey. I would love for my boyfriend to pretend to be Mr. Grey and let me be his submissive Anastasia. Not being able to touch him and having to let him do whatever kinky BDSM thing he wanted to me would drive me wild!" —Elizabeth C., 26, Hempstead, NY

"I have the worst luck when it comes to cars and I've had a cop come to my rescue when my car has broken down one time too many. It got me thinking about how hot it would be if I were to pretend to be stranded and have my boyfriend pull up dressed in a cop uniform. He'd ask me the cliché line, 'What seems to be the trouble?' I'd give him a smirk, tell him that I'm having some trouble under my hood ... then proceed to have sex with him on top of it!" —Patricia M., 24, Brooklyn, NY Keep reading...


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