Snapchat 101: The App That Can Spice Up Your Love Life

Snapchat 101: Can It Help My Love Life?

Finally, pictures that were meant for the moment, stay in the moment.

There's a new app in town and it could even spice up your love life. Snapchat, a picture and video messaging service, describes itself as a new way to share moments with your partner and your friends. In a matter of months, the wildly popular app has gone from generating 60 million snaps worldwide to a whopping 150 million worldwide on a daily basis. Chances are, if you don't have Snapchat on your phone yet, you'll have it soon.

What makes this app so special? The pictures or video clips you send to your significant other via Snapchat automatically disappear within 10 seconds. Yes, you read that right. The photo or video clip you send will cease to exist once the recipient views it.  

So, why would someone want this added layer of privacy? There are multiple reasons, including the obvious: 

1. Snapchat Is Perfect For Sending (Racy) Photos
One obvious perk of a disappearing photo messaging service is that it paves the way for you to send a photo to your partner that may be a little risque or suggestive. Be warned, though, that no app is infallable and there are ways in which these photos can come back to haunt you. For example, if the recipient takes a screen shot of the pic (in which case, Snapchat will notify you) or if the recipient takes a photo of the snapshot with another device. There's also a rumored repository where hackers can go to retrieve your snaps, but should we really be surprised? (NEVER assume you have a privacy interest in anything that involves techonology!) Still, Snapchat is a safer, more secure alternative to social media for sharing moments with your friends — or intimate moments with your significant other. Just be careful what you snap.  

It's also important to realize that Snapchat, which was created in 2011 by two Stanford University students, is good for so much more than just "sexting" — and was not created for that purpose. During a time where an increasing amount of teens are starting to rebel against Facebook, Snapchat offers an alternative to posting photos to your friends that may come back to haunt you. Another plus? Worried parents, beware: Snapchat creators have even created a parenting guide to ensure that the app is safe for children.     

2. Snapchat Saves Space In Your Phone 
Anyone who's ever had to go through their phone to delete photos because they've saturated their iCoud space understands the sheer annoyance of managing your photos. It can be tedious and stressful to rummage through thousands of files on your phone to delete photos of the sunset from your ex-boyfriend's back porch, puckered up kiss photos during a night out, or 3,000 calorie gastropub meals you scarfed down 2 years ago. With Snapchat, these photos magically disappear forever from your device so you never have to see them, or sort through them, again. If you do decide you want to save a photo, there's even an option for that. Keep Reading ...

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