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Love Bytes: 7 Habits Of Highly Annoying Couples


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One habit? Always using "we" instead of "I".
Plus, 12 things you should talk about on a first date.

Sick of the couple selfies, the "we" instead of I and the duo that needs to "check" with each other before doing absolutely anything? Don't get us started on the pair that tries to play matchmaker and set you up with everyone. Here are the major offenses of lovestruck couples and how to deal with them. (MSN Glo)

Hey all you rom-com haters, a new study finds romantic movies aren't ruining our love lives. (The Stir)

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We know religion and exes are first-date don'ts, but were's what you should talk about on a date, according to a dude. (College Candy)

Whether you're attached or single, a girl's trip is always necesscary in the summer. Here are 12 must-do girlfriend getaways. (Essence)

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