10 Ways to Keep the Honeymoon Phase Going Strong


10 Ways to Keep the Honeymoon Phase Going Strong
CupidsPulse has some ways to keep your marriage fresh and exciting!

By Jennifer Harrington for CupidsPulse.com

Love takes time and hard work to nurture. And, for newlyweds, this is especially true, following the intensity and attention that accompany a wedding and honeymoon. What are some practical ways for newlyweds to keep the honeymoon phase going strong, and the spark alive as the marriage progresses? Here are ten ideas to keep your love sizzling:



Don’t stop celebrating

While the wedding and honeymoon have passed, it doesn’t mean you have to stop the celebrations. Take opportunities to pause from daily life and acknowledge special milestones in your relationship. Have a special night together when your wedding pictures come back from the photographer. Plan a trip back to your reception venue to mark your six-month wedding anniversary. Planning these types of activities will give you a reason to look back at how far you’ve come together, as well as an opportunity to make new memories together.

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Pencil in a regular date-night

As some couples settle into their relationships, regular date nights can become less frequent. Don’t make that mistake. Make it a priority to schedule dates with your sweetie. Dates are important because they allow you to spend time and share experiences with your partner. You can take turns planning your outings to ensure date night is always something new to anticipate!

Plan thoughtful surprises

Everyone loves a spontaneous, thoughtful gesture. Surprises can range from extravagant to simple, but it ensures your chosen one feels special and loved. They can be especially important when you know your partner is going through a rough or busy time.

Embrace a new hobby

While you and your partner have hobbies you already pursue individually and together as a couple, it’s also a great idea to adopt a new hobby together! Choosing a hobby together and pursuing the hobby can be a very gratifying way to learn together, and can also be an interesting way to learn more about your honey. From dancing to cooking lessons, the options for hobbies you can do as a pair is limitless!

Get away

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