8 Tricks For Scoring A Date With Your Airplane Seatmate

8 Tricks For Scoring A Date With Your Airplane Seatmate

8 Tricks For Scoring A Date With Your Airplane Seatmate

meeting on an airplane
Stuck in an airport during Snowpocalypse 2013? Use these flirting tips to meet someone new.

You're stuck in an 18-inch wide seat, traveling at 500 MPH in an aluminum tube. A woman (or dude with frosted hair) is trying hard not to roll her eyes as an unaccompanied minor keeps pinging the call button. The pilot wonders how he's going to continue keeping his west coast family from finding out about his east coast family. And a good-looker is thumbing through a dog-eared copy of The Bonfire Of The Vanities less than a yard away from you. You're single, what do you do?

The humdrum tedium of air travel can be easily filled with a new friend and some snappy patter. I've had pretty good luck dating ladies I sat next to on flights and so can you. If you're into men, these tips should still work.

1. Wait until the flight is at least half over
An early pounce makes for an awkward next few hours.

2. Make an observation about the person's choice of entertainment
I sat next to a cute gal on a flight from Atlanta to New York and noticed she was reading a Game Of Thrones novel. Being a nerd, I was caught up on the subject and said like of, "That Theon Greyjoy is a real butthead, right?" She agreed, we discussed dork stuff for the next hour and were eating appetizers and drinking German beer (together) by the following Friday.

3. Make an observation about the circumstances 
Being super-funny rarely hurts you. Telling an account rep for a tech startup that you'll probably start making the same noise as that collicky little baby if someone doesn't "get me another tiny bottle of whiskey stat!" is a good ice-breaker as it makes light of your alcohol problem.

4. Don't brag about yourself and keep the cheese to a minimum
 Model Melissa Statten blew up actor Brian Presley's spot by detailing the minutia of his fromage-y flirting, including his removal of his wedding band in the lavatory, on Twitter. Generally, don't be marriedKeep reading ...

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