Newtown Tragedy Inspires '26 Acts of Kindness' Campaign

Honoring Newtown Victims

Here's another simple way to spread love in a time of need.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy left everyone asking themselves, "What can I do to help?" In addition to sending love letters and donating to Newtown families, there's something else you can do: Be kind.

Ann Curry asked her Twitter followers to join her in doing 20 acts of kindness for the shooting victicms, and after thousands of encouraging responses, an online campaign called "26 Acts of Kindness" was born.

The viral movement focuses on doing selfless acts of kindness to honor the 20 children and 6 teachers lost in the shooting. Users are encouraged to share their stories with the hashtag #26ActsOfKindness or post on the group's Facebook page.

From buying lunch for homeless to sending the victims' siblings Christmas presents, the good deeds being shared across the web are truly inspiring.

Our friends at Huffington Post Good News rounded up some of the kind acts. See the 26 Acts of Kindness photogallery at Huffington Post Good News: 26 Acts Of Kindness Campaign Honors Newtown Shooting Victims, Goes Viral.

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