Send Love Letters To Survivors In Newtown, CT

Write a letter to Newtown, Conn

In wake of a national tragedy, the post office has set up a P.O. Box for written condolences.

Here's another way you can help the victims' families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting — and it only requires a pen, paper and love. The U.S. Post Office invites you to start sending letters, thoughts and prayers to a special post office box designed for the Newtown residents affected by Friday's tragedy.

After a rush of calls and mail the past few days following the traumatic event, the local post office now has a way to deliver the influx of cards, care packages and drawings they've received. Local groups will help distribute the mail and the USPS has agreed to send extra workers to Newtown’s post office if needed, according Business News Daily.

You've heard the stories of the adorable children and heroic teachers that were victims of this heartbreaking shooting. And though it happened in a small town, it's become a devastating event nationwide.

We encourage you lend your support and write a love letter — a few kind words and some holiday cheer at a time like this can go a long way.

Send your heartfelt letters to: PO Box 3700, Newtown, CT, 06470.

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