The Sandy Hook Tragedy: How You Can Help

My Sandy Hook Family, a relief fund, launched yesterday.

My Sandy Hook Family, a relief fund, launched yesterday to provide support to victims' families.

After Friday's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the country was filled with fear, anger, confusion and sadness. Dialogue about gun control, mental illness and discussing the topic with children was all over the internet and TV. Many are still left wondering: What can I do to help?

My Sandy Hook Family Fund was created yesterday to provide immediate and long-term support to the 26 families who lost loved ones in the school shooting. 

Made up of the classmates, friends, coaches and neighbors of the victims who wanted to take action in their community, the Newtown fund is on a mission to raise $2 million. As of this morning, they've raised $21,000, which will go toward funeral services and ongoing living expenses such as food, insurance and daycare.

One of the Family Fund organizers Rebekah Harriman-Stites spoke to The Newtown Bee about the relief group, “The Fund allows everyone with a burning need to ‘do something’ to help take some of the burdens off of these families in their time of incredible pain. This is one way we can direct resources in a meaningful way.” 

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