Brought Back my Freedom


    “I believe all women, at least one time in their lives, have been carrying emotional baggage from past relationships or for future ‘I want him to be my boyfriend’ kind of men…. I believe the greatest achievement of mine, from the time we first started working together with Christian, is the fact that back then I was guessing more and knowing less…. now I know more and guess less in my life!

    My goal is to be happy, every moment… for now and the future. Having a man in my life is merely about someone who I would allow to share my happiness with! The road might take me down to many paths… some of them leading to dead ends, some of them leading to other paths…. but I’ve come to realize that…it’s not about how the road ends, it’s all about what you experience in your trip…


    Christian provided the right questions and I provided the courage of implementation and learning. Yes..! It takes openness and willingness to change and try new things, no matter how minor or important they are to you. Sometimes I must admit I wasn’t really sure how this was going to help me find what I was looking for…. but I was convinced that if I would have stayed where I was, I had zero chances to find it as opposed to trying something different no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it felt….

    With Christian, I discovered that I’m no longer afraid to surrender to the unknown…. and that feeling is…freedom from everything that has been holding me back…

    Thanks coach, this journey feels amazing and is definitely one of a kind!!!”

-Vicky,  Greece

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