Online Dating Study: Men Want To See Less Writing, More Boobs

Online Dating Study: Men Want To See Less Writing, More Boobs

Online Dating Study: Men Want To See Less Writing, More Boobs

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In celebration of National Singles Week, releases a new online dating study.

Online dating is a lot like a job in sales. Only rather than convincing potential customers to purchase a product, you're persuading them to invest their time in getting to know you. The reward? A few dates and, if you're lucky, a serious relationship.

However, much like a job in sales, online dating also requires a lot of work and perseverance. The goal is for your profile to stand out among a sea of other potential matches. Which leads to the ultimate question: How do you close the deal?

In celebration of National Singles Week, and the Smart Dating Academy set out to determine just that. From a pool of 1,000 single men and women, they found what really turns daters on — and off — when browsing potential suitors online. Here are two rules of thumb, based on your photos and your content:


Photos. Thinking about using a cute self-portrait that you took two years ago after the best haircut ever? Try again. One of the biggest turn-offs for both sexes was the use of old photos in a dating profile. Makes sense: Why have someone develop an impression of you based on who you used to be? Also of note: Women tend to look at a man's smile and eyes first in a profile photo. Men's eyes focus on a woman's smile and physique. Typical, right? Men also prefer to see full-body shots. Also , the majority of singles (81 percent) want to see casual photos in a dating profile. Rule of Thumb: Keep your photos current and candid. It will make meeting in person a lot easier (and a lot less awkward).

Profile content. People apparently get really picky when it comes to what you actually write in that "About Me" box. Men prefer that ladies keep it brief — one paragraph, ideally — and leave out any internet shorthand like LOL or JK (srlsy?) Women, however, prefer two to three paragraphs of information on a profile. (Hm, what does that say about male attention spans when listening to women?) For both sexes, bad grammar and clichés are absolute dealbreakers. Rule of Thumb: You'll meet more people if you use spellcheck and avoid the phrase "long walks on the beach" at all costs.

What are your turn-ons and turn-offs when browsing online dating profiles?

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