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UPDATE: Farrah's boyfriend recently proposed and they are engaged to be married in 2013!

“Christian is simply amazing. His theories on feminine/masculine energy are right on. I usually have a tough time letting go and allowing the man to take care of me and be, well, the man. So, when I met this guy that I really liked (who I’m still dating), I asked Christian for some pointers. He pointed out some examples of what I was doing wrong, and how I could change my habits in order to maximize on my potential (by letting the guy take the lead without having to give up my strong, independent side). Sure enough, within two weeks of dating, my guy tells me, verbatim (without knowing any of the things that I just mentioned), “I love that you let me be the man and take the lead.” He explained that the reason he likes it is because he knows that I don’t NEED him to take the lead or take care of me, and that I’m independent enough to manage on my own, but that I ALLOW him to do so. At that point, I thought, “Christian is a genius!”

-Farrah, Los Angeles

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