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What Do Men & Women Find Irresistible? [INFOGRAPHIC]


What Do Men & Women Find Irresistible? yourtango
Our "Irresistible You" infographic is chock-full of stats about attraction.
A visual representation of what we find attractive, in ourselves and in a partner.

Our Irresistible You (IY) survey left no stone unturned when it comes to what makes men and women feel attractive — and what we're attracted to in a partner. What body parts do women love? (Eyes, lips, hair.) What body parts do they hate? (Unfortunately, too many of them.) What do people find attractive in a partner, and what activities make them feel attractive? And finally, the question you've been dying to have answered: What female celebrity do men find most irresistible? Check out our fun-filled infographic for these factoids and more:

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