8 Tips To Make Your Marriage Work & Why It's Worthwhile To Try

8 Tips To Make Your Marriage Work & Why It's Worthwhile To Try
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So, how do you make your marriage work? Or do you just blindly hope it'll take care of itself?

by Mark Tyrell for the Good Men Project

Think of a hot, successful date with someone you're attracted to. You have fun, great conversation and more sexual chemistry than a warehouse full of pheromones. You don't have to "work at" the date because it's self sustaining. It runs as smoothly as the gliding hand of a classical guitar maestro and you can't wait for another rendition. Why Do Men Get Married? [VIDEO]

But marriage, or any long term relationship; well that's a whole other caboodle.

If we're not careful, marriage can deteriorate into little more than a torturous assault course; littered with routine boredoms, frustrations and resentments. Couple all that with external pressures and sometimes marriage feels not worth the effort. But there are major benefits to being hitched or committed, other than just a beneficial tax regime.

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