One-Night Stand Etiquette: Who Should Cover Birth Control?

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A "he said/she said" on proper one-night stand etiquette.

The indie rom-com The Pill is about the day after a one-night stand that the man fears will result in a pregnancy; hilarity and the pursuit of emergency contraception ensue.

It's a little bit of Run Lola Run meets Knocked Up, but without the dialogue that you'd picture a Katherine Heigl character saying. And it brings up a few really important questions about responsibility and a fertilized ovum. Check out the clip below, which shows us the, well, WRONG way to go about contraception usage during a one-night stand (spoiler alert: not using any!).


THE PILL - I'm Sorry You Got Laid Last Night from J.C. Khoury on Vimeo.

We asked two writers—one male, one female—to sound in on one-night stand etiquette, answering such questions as: When to bring up contraception? How to talk about the potential of it failing? And, whose responsibility it is to deal with the consequences of contraception gone wrong? Keep reading below.

She (YourTango contributor Amanda Green) says:

I've taken birth control pills for almost a decade, which makes me feel very responsible (and kinda old). It's part of the package. When you go out with me, you get all this, plus I probably won't get pregnant. And I tell my sexual partners this at the same time we first discuss STD status and HIV testing—before we have sex. Always.

Sometimes semi-clothed. Sometimes before we really know each other well. But always before we have sex, unlike Mindy (Rachel Boston) and Fred (Noah Bean) in the film. They were drunk, but still—no excuse! Read more.

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