10 Chivalrous Acts That Make Women Melt


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One writer explains what being chivalrous looks like, and why it's still so important.

I'm a modern girl, I'm independent and I'm single. I have built a career from the ground up, read everyone from C.S. Lewis to Suzanne Collins, can navigate social media with relative ease and watch New Girl every week like it's my job. And? 

I know I can take care of myself.


But hey, call me old-fashioned, too – it's fine. Pride & Prejudice is still my favorite novel, and I'm near-obsessed with Downton Abbey. Some say I was born in the wrong time, calling me cliché things like, "an old soul," and I agree. I can appreciate aspects of feminism, but I prefer gender roles. I like when a guy volunteers to kill a massive spider without complaint, or lift a heavy box in my stead. 9 Sex Lessons From 'Downton Abbey'

I find chivalry to be a gorgeous thing. 

Most women I know are a little like that. We love our modern independence in life and in love, but deep down, we want guys to treat us like ladies. As women in their twenties will attest, it's become increasingly rare. Case in point: my friend gushingly told me the other day that a man had been ultra-polite. ("See that guy? He held the door for me ... Like, awww!") Gentlemanly behavior sets our hearts aflutter. We want to see it, and many of us are waiting on it. 

My mom brought me a book other day. "I read this. You should read this," she said. It was True Believer by Nicholas Sparks. My mom and I are both fans of sappy, over-the-top love stories. I bawled like a baby when I read Sparks' The Last Song (not the movie, folks. Read the book). So, it wasn't weird that she brought me the book, but her adamancy was a little odd.

"Mmm ... OK. Any particular reason why?" I asked.

My mom sighed, and tapped the book with her hand. "The girl in this book admits she wants to be courted," she said. "Old-fashioned courted. And that's what you want. I've decided that's exactly what you seem to want. And good for you." 12 Reasons Women Don't Date Nice Guys

Ah yes, I do want that. I want a guy to court me a bit. In fact, I am sort of holding out for that. Someone to sweep me off my feet? No, gosh no. Grand gestures are wholly unnecessary. I just want someone I can count on. I just want him to do little things to make me sure he's the real deal. Dating today is tough, and we women always seem to have doubts about the guys that roll into our lives: Does he like me, really? Are his motives genuine? Can I trust him completely?

Guessing means you usually can't, and confusion isn't a good thing. Most women would like to erase that. So, if he puts in the time and does the little things, it's like a screening process for us. He's more likely to be into us as human beings, not hook-ups. He's more likely to be Mr. Right when we're over dealing with all those Mr. Wrongs. That's why chivalry, in my opinion, is as important now as it ever was.

I polled a group of friends. We decided these ten things indicate a man is a true gentleman—and we love seeing guys who behave this way. Do you agree? Read on...

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