Our Breakup Wasn't Complete Until He Unfriended Me On Facebook


unfriend an ex on facebook
An engaged writer unexpectedly learns the power of breaking digital ties with an ex.

After six tumultuous years of being lovers, worst enemies, exes (three times over), and pseudo-friends who would only catch up occasionally via Facebook, my ex Jack finally cut the cord on our online relationship: he unfriended me on Facebook.

How did this come to be, you ask? I declined an invitation to his upcoming wedding even though we hadn't had more than one real conversation since we had broken up more than two years prior. Why I was invited to the wedding in the first place—which screams all kinds of awkward given our tumultuous past and the fact that both of us have clearly moved on (I'm getting married this summer)—I will never know. And I suppose I will never have the chance to find out, since immediately upon receiving my regrets to the wedding, he kicked our "friendship" to the virtual corner.


Since Facebook came into our lives in 2004, it has morphed itself into our culture in innumerable ways. Facebook also played a critical part in the relationship between me and Jack. When Facebook came to our college campus in the spring of 2005, Jack and I did what any normal couple did—we entered into a Facebook relationship. I graduated later that year and found my first "real" job and apartment; Jack still had to complete his last year of college. With none of the security settings that Facebook currently has in place, every flirty comment and conversation that he was having with other women were shoved in my face. 5 Steps To Breaking Up With Your Ex

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