Survey: 80 Percent Of College Students Sext


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A new study found that four out of five college students engage in sexting.

Is sexting still scandalous? The practice certainly precedes the device: People have been writing erotic messages to each other since the beginning of time. But sexting is more problematic than a lusty handwritten letter because sexts are so easy to pass around electronically. As several public figures have learned over the past five years, naked pictures can enter the public domain with just the click of a button. Surprise! Women More Likely To Sext Than Men

In fact, a recent survey from the University of Rhode Island has found that nearly 4 in 5 (or 78 percent) of students there have received R-rated messages on their phones. Granted, most of these messages were from romantic partners, and not lewd politicians, but the fact remains that sexting is practically a rite of passage for young people now. 7 Rules For Sending Lewd Pics, Lessons For Anthony Weiner


Researchers found that more than half of the 204 students surveyed have received erotic images on their phones, while 60 percent of the group had sent sexy messages themselves. Around 73 percent of the messages were sent to a partner, but 10 percent were sent without the consent of the person who had originally forwarded the message. If that weren't bad enough, around one in five students surveyed admitted to forwarding a message they received to another party without permission from the sender. 20% Of People Have Sexted The Wrong Person

The study's authors noted that many students don't realize how easy it is to lose control over their photos and messages. Put in the wrong hands, your sexy photos could easily end up online. This, of course, could lead to a lifetime of humiliation for the original sender. In several cases, the situation was complicated further by a subject's young age, hence a recent bill passed in Rhode Island banning sexting by minors. Perhaps this will encourage students to consider the age of their sexting partner before forwarding anything illicit: After all, many college freshmen are still only 17 years old.

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