Want To Know His Penis Size? Look At His Fingers


man checking out his fingers
Study says ratio between index and ring finger correlates to the size of a man's package.

Ladies, there's no need to get into his pants (or receive a naughty picture message) in order to gauge the size of his package. And forget that old wives' tale about the size of his shoes. Instead, just take a look at the length of his fingers. Fun Facts About Penis Size

It all has to do with the gap in length between a man's ring finger and index finger, say Korean researchers from Gachon University. Believing that the "digit ratio" between those two fingers could predict penile length, study authors measured the penises—while flaccid but stretched out—of 144 men. (For the curious, the length a penis that is stretched out while flaccid is believed to correlate to its size while erect). The fingers in question were also measured.


They found that a greater distance between the ring finger and index finger meant a longer shaft.

Exposure to prenatal hormones may be to blame for this strange correlation. Previous studies have shown that high levels of testosterone are connected to a greater difference in the two lenghts. Meanwhile females, who are exposed to more estrogen in the womb, have fingers that are close to, if not the same, in length.

The size of his shaft isn't all that finger length shows; men with mismatched finger lenghts were previously found to have more masculine features, and be more attractive to women. Now, perhaps, they'll be more attractive because of their presumably large package.

Of course, the science behind the finger-penis relationship currently only holds true for Korean men, but something tells us that with the discovery of such knowledge, women everywhere will be testing the theory in no time. Fun Facts About Penis Size

Does size matter to you?

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