How To Find Your G-Spot So You Can Have Most INTENSE Orgasms Of Your Life

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G-Spot Exploration for the Pleasure of Sex

Let's do a little exploring, shall we?

The mystery that is the G-spot in women still has many people wondering whether or not this female pleasure center truly does exist. You may be one of those women who have yet to find the exact location of your own gateway to intense sex pleasure.

The G-spot — short for Gräfenberg Spot — is believed to be composed of highly sensitive nerve tissue that, when stimulated, can bring a woman to intense orgasms, including the popular yet elusive squirting orgasm.

Deborah Sundahl, the author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spotsays that orgasms experienced by women through G-spot stimulation are unique.

"We've opened the door to a new level or orgasmic ability and it is through the very heart of our sexual pleasure and that is the G-spot," says Sundahl. "It's the very heart because the G-spot has a different nerve than the clitoris and, therefore, a different orgasmic sensation. It is truly one of deep, melting love."

Finding this sensitive point that can make women feel as though they are floating isn't always easy, but in theory, the G-spot is located about two inches from the mouth of the vagina.

According to most experts, every woman has a G-spot, but it may be harder to find for some women than for others given that its precise location varies on each woman.

How To Find Your G-spot

The better you get to know your own sensitive spots, the easier it will be for you to achieve maximum pleasure from sex.

The G-spot is located In the front wall of the vagina. Try lying down and exploring the area with your finger to see if you can feel a layer of spongy tissue. One important thing to note is that in many women the G-spot will not become prominent enough to find unless they are sexually aroused, so it is recommended that you not begin searching in this way without getting yourself "warmed up" first.

You may also want to ask your partner to try finding and identifying this area as well so he or she will know exactly where your own personal hotbed of sensitivity is located.

Of course, just finding the G-spot isn't going to guarantee that you or any other woman will reach climax. Take your time exploring the region to see what does — and does not — feel good to you and encourage your partner to do the same. 

If you've done all of this and still haven't experienced a G-spot orgasm, please don't worry or stress that there is anything wrong with you. All of our bodies are unique and we all orgasm in different ways. Oftentimes when you focus too much on the end goal of reaching a particular type or quality of orgasm, the effort is counter-productive and makes reaching an orgasm of any kind near to impossible.

Simply relax and enjoy riding the waves of sexual pleasure with your partner.