G-Spot Exploration for the Pleasure of Sex

G-Spot Exploration for the Pleasure of Sex

Invite a partner to explore the G-spot together, so you also know your sensitive spot.

Mystery of the G-spot in women are still often leaves people wondering. Perhaps you own including those not yet found the exact spot of secret sex pleasure.

G-spot is a point that became the central rallying a very sensitive nerve tissue. When stimulated, a woman can get an orgasm faster than penetration.

Deborah Sundahl, author of 'Female Ejaculation and the G-spot' says, orgasms experienced by women with the G-spot stimulation is very unique.

"The pleasure G-spot orgasm is different from clitoral orgasm. When reached it, she could feel the passion of the peak at the same time a deep sense of love."

Does every woman has a G-spot?

Find a sensitive point which can make women 'float' is not easy. The experts were still examining the existence of the G-spot. The theory that the G-spot is located about two inches from the mouth of the vagina.

According to sexology experts, every woman has a G-spot, but its location varies on each woman.

"Just as people who have a sensitive body points respectively. For example there are sensitive in the neck, nipples, thighs, and so on."

How to find the G-spot?

The more you know your sensitive point, the easier it is to achieve pleasure. In the front wall of the vagina, there is a thin layer of soft. Try lying down, and feel with your finger. However, very recommends that woman do that during the middle arousal.

When not aroused, the vaginal opening narrows. Even your fingers will not be able to go to find the G-spot. If forced irritation can occur. It's better if you find the G-spot with your partner, so he knows your sensitive spot.

Exploring the G-spot

Finding the G-spot is not enough to be able to make a woman reach climax. You should be able to explore it properly. Share with your partner, what can make you feel good.

If you still can not feel orgasm while already finding your G-spot, no need to fret. It was very fair, millions of women experience the same problem with you.

Sometimes, feeling uneasy because your mind constantly fixed on the G-spot actually makes you have trouble reaching orgasm. Just enjoy moments of sex with your partner. All you need do is relax and continue to explore with your partner.



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