Bad News: You Cheated. GREAT News: You Can Still Save Your Marriage


Looking back may be the best way to move forward — together.

What happens when you love your husband but find yourself straying from him and you don't know how to stop? 

After being married for years and raising a beautiful family together, you can’t stop feeling guilty for letting yourself become sexually involved with another man. Whether you feel that he pushed you into the arms of another man or not, there is a way that you can still repair the damage you've done and save your marriage.

Relationship expert Dr. Erica Goodstone's advice on how to stop being unfaithful to your husband and turn your life around is spot on.

Looking back may be the best way to move forward, together.

If he really did do something to force you to find comfort in someone else, you have to talk to him about it and just be honest. Trying out couples therapy could even be really beneficial for you both because it'll help you guys put everything out in the open. Even if he isn't into therapy, you can always go by yourself. If anything, it'll give you the perfect opportunity to just talk about what happened, how you can make sure it never happens again, and ways that you both can heal — together.


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