10 Things Men Love About Women


man checking out women in bikinis
Men tell us what they love about women (and it includes our jiggly parts!).

So what do men love about women, really? We asked a handful of men what elicits lust, love and everything in between. What we received was an eclectic mixture of womanly charms—some we knew, some we didn't—that cause even the most rugged of men to utter "I Love You."

1. You're soft and smell good. "I love how women smell. It's this amazing combination of shampoo, perfume, and whatever girly soap, bodywash stuff you guys use in the shower. Women smell amazing. Almost all the time." Nick, 29, marketing assistant

"Women are always so soft. I love their stomachs—not being overly toned is good—and resting my head on their breasts." Andrew, 22, college student

2. You're maternal. "I love how women have these maternal instincts. They're so much more warm and caring then your male friends. Oh, and if you cook for us we'll love you forever." Brian, 32, teacher

3. Bikinis. "Why do men love women? One word: Bikinis! All women just look so good in them, no matter how out of shape or fat you complain about feeling." Mark, 31, waiter 7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are

4. You're a good listener. "I'd much rather talk to a female friend when I have a super huge emotional problem to solve. I get the sense they listen more than any of my guy friends and offer so much better insight." Alex, 24, accountant

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