Signs You're Just Not That Into Him

Signs You're Just Not That Into Him

Signs You're Just Not That Into Him

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How to look for signs that you're just not into your new date.

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You're really just not that into him if …

1. You find yourself ragging on him (a lot) more than you're raving about him.

2. You don't really care if he doesn't return your call, your text, your IM, or email. Or rather, you just haven't called, or texted, or IMed, or emailed.

3. He just doesn't cross your mind. At first or, eventually, ever.

4. When you ask yourself, "How would I feel if I just … never saw Grant again?" and your answer is, "Meh." Or anything else along the I-don't-really-care lines.

5. It's the first night he sleeps over and you have noooo problem taking your sweet time in the bathroom doing your normal routine while he waits for you in bed—a full 3-minute brush, your cleanse-tone-moisturize facial regimen, eyebrow maintenance, examining your pores, undereye circles and developing wrinkles…

Still not sure?

"Listen mostly to how you felt with him," says one therapist. "Were you comfortable? Did you enjoy the time? Could you say what you felt without a lot of editing? Can you imagine being angry and working it out? Or did you find yourself working hard to keep conversation going? Were you always worried about what to say? How to say it? Whether he'd be hurt or annoyed by you? Were you afraid to let him know how you felt?"

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