8 Most Scandalous Work Affairs


male coworker touches woman's rear
A list of the most scandalous work affairs, how they started, and their aftermath.

Workplace romances are hardly uncommon. After all, you're probably clocking in more hours at the office than at home. It's easy to develop close on-the-job relationships that can take a romantic turn. Excelle: Love Conquers All Workplaces

But what often starts as a titillating romp in the supply room can quickly turn into a train wreck, endangering your career and your future.


Are you willing to chance it? If so, you're not alone. Celebrities, politicians and high powered executives have been known to risk everything for an on-the-job fling.

1. Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky

The Frolic: Unless you've been living under a rock, you survived "Monicagate" and know what led to the impeachment of an American president. So let's hit the high notes, shall we? President Bill Clinton vehemently denied having sexual relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky after Internet gossip column Drudge Report broke the scandal online. A bold-faced denial under oath—backed by taped conversations of the alleged affair—ended in an impeachment trial and obstruction of justice and perjury charges. Clinton dodged the bullet and remained in office, leaving with the highest approval rating of any president since World War II.

The Fallout: In the months after the dust settled, Lewinsky made sure to milk her fleeting fame for all its worth, making the morning show rounds, helping pen her side of the Clinton affair, appearing in a Saturday Night Live skit, and shedding weight for Jenny Craig. After an unsuccessful stint as a handbag designer, Lewinsky fled to London where she pursued a master's degree in social psychology. As for Bill, I think he's doing all right.

2. Newt Gingrich & Callista Bisek

The Frolic: Back in 1998, Newt Gingrich was all over then-President Bill Clinton for his moral weaknesses, leading the charge to impeach Clinton for getting it on with a much younger intern. After a long day of cheerleading Clinton's crucifixion, the then-Speaker of the House went home to the comforting arms of his... mistress. Yep, the leader of the family values pack was seeing Callista Bisek—a woman 23 years his junior—behind his second wife's back. Pot, meet Kettle. He eventually made an honest woman out of the blonde staffer but kept their near two-year adulterous affair on the down low. Excelle: 4 Ways Employers Could Help Our Relationships

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