Is Tiger Woods In Sex Rehab?

Tiger Wood sex addiction rehab
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Tiger disappears to deal with his wrecked marriage.

Tiger Woods has been out of the public eye for a few weeks now, and sources say he is seeking treatment for sex addiction at The Meadows, a private Arizona facility that has also hosted David Duchovny and Eric Benet. An anonymous source told People that Tiger had been at the rehab clinic since last month and might be there until mid-February.

Since his November car accident and the subsequent platoon of skanks coming out of the woodwork to say he'd diddled them, Tiger has kept a low profile. Rumors have flown that he has fled his Florida home for New York City, Africa, the Bahamas, his yacht, or all four. Now reports say that he may be seeking treatment either for sex addiction, or, as Dr. Drew Pinsky suggested, for a chemical addiction that could be causing him to act irrationally. 4 Things You May Not Know About Sex Addiction

"Sometimes, these sexual compulsions come out as part of an overall addictive process to a chemical," Dr. Drew told CBS last month. "You've got to wonder about addiction. That's the process that has people doing things that don't make sense." Dr. Drew also said that since it appeared that Tiger had had extended relationships with his various bimbos, rather than just one-night stands, he might not be a sex addict.

Another option, which suggests, is that Tiger could be at The Meadows just for the boost it will give his public image. He has lost many of his most lucrative endorsements since the news of his affairs came out, and might fare badly in a custody battle, since his wife can point at a stack of tabloids three feet high filled with pictures of Tiger's women. Appearing to take action to work out his issues could improve Tiger's standing in the eyes of sponsors and golf fans, if not his family. Elin Plans To Leave Tiger

Whatever the truth is, we're getting pretty sick of the fifteen minutes of fame allotted to Tiger's hookups. With the news that a woman who slept with Gordon Ramsey is pitching a TV show about other side pieces of famous men, we've had our fill of fame-grubbing, tacky mistresses hogging the national spotlight. Angelina, hurry up and adopt that Syrian kid already so we can talk about something else.

Via and People. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.