Top 13 Sex Discoveries Of 2010


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Science was hard at work in 2010 unearthing 13 fascinating discoveries about sex.

Sex isn't the first thing that comes to mind when we think about science. But, apparently science does a good deal of thinking about sex, as evidenced by these 13 fascinating sex-related discoveries researchers made in 2010. Read on to learn how everything from booty calls to skinny jeans affects our bedroom behavior. Sex, it seems, is so complex, we can't wait to learn more about it in 2011.

1.) Booty-call sex is awesome. Speaking on a strictly carnal level, a recent study of 300 college kids attending the University of West Florida proved that casual sex with a steady booty call is a recipe for phenomenal sex. Why? A mixture of both familiarity and wild-card excitement arouses your inner sexual go-getter. In contrast to relationships, a good booty calls depends on the quality of sex, which gives both participants more incentive to work harder.


2.) Wait till you're serious to have sex if you want a relationship to last. A study in The Social Science Research Journal confirmed what dating books have been telling us for eons: don't have sex too soon in a new relationship! Oh, the simplicity! Regardless, it's a rule many of us consistently muck up in those early, lustful stages of romance. Of the 648 people surveyed, 56 percent of those in long-lasting unions said they waited to be serious before having sex. Casual Sex: Good Or Bad? How About Both!

3.) Only 22 percent of married folks are "very satisfied" with their sex lives. But this one isn't all bad! According to a YourTango sex survey, 66 percent of married couples still have sex once a week (with 44 percent getting horizontal 3-4 times a week), but only 22 percent report being "very satisfied" with the their sex lives. So what's missing, we wonder? Perhaps even more sex—63 percent of the men say they want more sex than their partner. Sex Survey: 78% Of Marrieds Want Better Sex

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