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Sex Makes Our Brains Bigger. Seriously.


illustration of a man with sex on his brain
A recent rat study proves regular sex may increase brain cells.

Our own amateur, off-the-cuff research proves getting laid can certainly make for a happier morning-after, but can a booming sex life help brains grow, too?

A recent study out of Princeton aimed to answer what effect pleasurable, yet stressful, experiences had on a rat by studying their brains before and after sex. Previous studies proved that unpleasurable, stressful experiences, actually lead to a decrease in brain growth—so could the opposite be true? Could highly satisfying, but strenuous, activity cause an upswing? Why Married Sex Is The Best

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The unequivocal answer: yes. The rats were divided into three groups. The first, a cluster of virgins, the second, rats who were allowed sex once every two weeks and the third, those who had sex daily. 

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Overall, the virgin rats were much more stressed and anxiety-ridden then those getting laid, said researchers. The ones who had sex only once showed an increase in neurons located in the hippocampus, a part of the brain linked with memory. The rats who got laid daily, had an even more swift increase, which led to brain cell growth due to the booming number of connections in the area. Can Rough Sex Lead To A Stroke?

So how does this improve a day-to-day life of a rat? Does it behoove a rodent to have a steady girlfriend? Scientists conclude that the more sex the rat gets, the less stress hormones are present in general, which may lead to a more footless and fancy free existence. In fact, rats who had sex were more likely to seek out food in foreign places than rats who weren't getting regular action. 20 Reasons To Have Sex Right Now


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