The Weight Debate: Does Size Matter In Dating?


Woman taking weight on scale.
YourTango Facebook users sound off about just how much weight matters in the dating game.

Physical appearance will always be a hot topic. It's the first thing we notice when evaluating a potential match, or anyone for that matter. We all know that these days the somewhat stereotypical ideal body type is that of a super-slim celeb. We're constantly critical of ourselves, snapping up gym memberships, trying tons of fad diets and taking weight loss supplements to obtain that amazing physique.

It's pretty indisputable; for most of us, appearance is important. At least to a certain extent. We had to wonder, though. Exactly how much does weight matter in the dating game?

We took to our Facebook page to ask YourTango users their thoughts on this question: "When it comes to dating, does weight matter?" We got plenty of feedback, and a variety of answers. 

Some of our fans said that size absolutely does matter, like Daniel who wrote, "Weight matters in life, of course it matters in dating."

Other users said size might matter for that instant spark, but after that, other qualities keep the relationship afloat.

"To start dating, yes it matters," commented Pilar. "If I'm in love afterward, well I can't even see fat. Love is blind!" Why It’s OK For Men To Judge Women On Their Looks

Many people said weight is not the issue here, but rather what's important is overall health.

YourTango fan Amy had this to say: "Health is more important to me. I've dated 6'4" 280 lbs guys and my current boyfriend is 5'4" 120 lbs. I'm not picky with appearance but if they have weight-related health issues, I wouldn't date them."

The overarching response seemed to be: it's not about the number on the scale. Different people are attracted to different body types and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes weight is not completely in our control, but overall wellness usually is, and as our users said, that's pretty vital. 16 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sex

"Being healthy is hot!" Emilie commented.

We would have to agree. Forget fad diets, supermodel slenderness or liposuction. Work on being happy and healthy.

Now we want to ask you: When it comes to dating, does weight matter? Tell us your thoughts.


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