The Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Scandals


Emergency contraception, sex scandals and pretty bad advice.

It's the weekend and time for some link lovin'.

First off, a little levity from The Frisky. Inspired by the imagery of a cute phrase for rascally sex from The United States Of Tara, they found 10 crazy moves and grabbed their wikipedia description. Dear God, I hope we don't see a video of Screech doing any of these.


You'd guess that the male mind probably invented most of those kooky moves, that's because, per Asylum, the man brain is 2.5 fold as horny as the lady brain. With our brains, we create thing out of iron and brawn and erections, hence the phrase "to erect a building," and hence the phallic nature of architechture.

Our friends at Lemondrop have five signs that you're secretly married and just don't realize it. There's probably a Borschbelt joke in here somewhere about sex as often as the Olympics.

My new pals at have a sweet graphic about using emergency contraception but the crusty old FDA has a problem with it.

CALL TO ACTION: Em & Lo ( need a little help with an article. They're looking for some embarrassing tales of when something is a little off when getting it on. Help 'em out. There is a good reason to turn off the Family Guy during intimate moments…

Over at MSN's newly-launched Glo, a picture gallery of dudes not to date accompanied by their celebrity embodiment. Surprisingly, Shia LaBeouf, as the guy you don't know why you like but you just sorta do for some reason, was absent.

At the Huffington Post (on Valentine's Day they should rebrand as the Huggington Post), Papa Smurf, Stanton Peele, discusses why sex scandals are important. Turns out that it's not just to make the rest of us feel superior to people who, in almost every sense of the word, are better than us. 

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