Tajahi Talks about the Kama Sutra


Tajahi Talks about the Kama Sutra
The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text on human sexuality. The book contains information in

I have always been a lover of books. If you were to come to my house, you would see I have large bookshelves in every room overflowing with books on many different topics. I believe I am actually addicted to reading and buying books. I am always looking for something else to learn… Back in 2000 there were a lot of things going on in my life that lead me to start reading self help books. I wanted a broader understanding of my life as well as how those around me affected me. While looking through books in the Self-help section of a Borders Bookstore, I happened to see the section of the store that was dedicated to erotica… I remember a small red satin embroidered book that caught my attention… It looked so beautiful… It was titled the Kama Sutra. I opened it and read a little then flipped through the pages. The erotic Indian art I saw drew me in even more… I immediately closed the book, hid it between the other books I had picked up and purchased it. That purchase started my collection of sexual related books that I keep in my bedroom for quick reference. 



The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text on human sexuality. The book contains information in regards to what type of male is good for what type of woman based on sex organ sizes (see illustration to the left), foreplay, oral sex, sexual positions, marriage, and how to manage relationship quarrels. As you can see the Kama Sutra covers a broad spectrum of sexual and relationship topics. In a previous blog we already discussed Fellatio/Blow Job Basics (which can also be found in the Kama Sutra) so today I will give you my take on a few of the positions.

Kama Sutra Basics
There are a multitude of positions for different types of union. There are positions for men who have a smaller penis size, for a woman with a smaller vagina, and positions for a multitude of other reasons. According to the Kama Sutra the best male and female combinations are:
1. Hare and Deer
2. Bull and Mare
3. Horse and Elephant
Yet the best unions are:
1. Horse and Deer
2. Horse and Mare
3. Bull and Deer

The Kama Sutra refers to the male penis as the lingam and the female vagina as the yoni. “The Kama Sutra puts the obligation on the man to satisfy his partner” (Kiss Guide to the Kama Sutra, Anne Hooper). Sex by today’s standards is very penis oriented… where as Kama Sutra teaches a focus on the movements our men should make during intimacy that provoke arousal of the clitoris, vaginal opening & g-spot.

Anybody got a time machine, I am ready to travel back to ancient India and enjoy the teachings of the Kama Sutra.

Try having your man experiment with these sensual movements:
Moving forward: start forward penetration
Churning: hold and moving the penis in the vagina
Piercing: penetrating the vagina from above and pushing against the clit
Pressing: pushing forcefully against the vagina
Giving a blow: removing the penis and striking the vagina with it (I like that kind of blow)
Blow on the Bull: rubbing one side of the vagina with the penis
Blow of the Boar: rubbing both sides of the vagina with the penis
Sporting of the Sparrow: moving the penis rapidly and light in and out of the vagina

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