Top 10 Unbelievable Wedding And Marriage Records


wedding and marriage records
The most expensive wedding, the longest marriage and other unbelievable records.

Our hearts melted when we read this piece on Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of New Bern, N.C., who hold the record for the world's longest marriage. Herbert, 104, and Zelmyra, 101, have enjoyed 86 years of wedded bliss. According to Mashable, Herbert and Zelmyra, married in 1924, enjoy sitting on their front porch and counting cars. As if that weren't adorable enough, the two tweeted love advice to the masses between February 12 and Valentine's Day on their joint Twitter account, the aptly-named @longestmarried. Couple Celebrates 81st Anniversary, Shares Tips

Of course, Herbert and Zelmyra aren't the only couple that inadvertently set a world record in pursuit of true love. Here are a few other wow-worthy wedding and marriage records: 


Greatest age difference in marriage: The Straits Times reported in November 2006 that Sudar Marto of Malaysia, 105, married Ely Maryulianti Rahmat, a 22-year-old maid, in September. That's an 83-year age difference! At the time, Sudar was still married to his 69-year-old bedridden wife, who welcomed Ely into their union because she appreciated the young girl's caregiving. 25-Year Age Difference: Can It Work?

World's tallest married couple: This ain't a joke—Keisha Bolton, who is six-feet-five-inches, married Wilco van Kleef, seven feet, after looking for a dance partner in the U.K. Tall Person's Club. The two are a combined 13.3 feet in height.

World's shortest married couple: Douglas Maistre Breger da Silva, two-feet-eleven-inches tall, and Claudia Pereira Rocha, three feet, married in 1998. Is His Height A Deal Breaker?

Biggest wedding cake: If you're going to have a mega-sized wedding, you might want to consider a cake that is 17 feet high. The Mohegan Sun casino's monstrous creation weighs 15,032 lbs and can feed 59,000 people. Now that's a lot of vanilla frosting. You can check out pictures of the gozilla-sized cake over here. Is Wedding Pie The New Wedding Cake?

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