Flirting At Work: When Is It Sexual Harassment?

Flirting At Work: When Is It Sexual Harassment?

Flirting At Work: When Is It Sexual Harassment?

flirting vs sexual harassment
Asking your boss for sex clearly crosses the line from work flirting to sexual harassment.

A female police officer in Australia was recently fired for begging a number of her colleagues for sex. Apparently, within mere days of starting work, Jessica Parfrey propositioned her supervisor. When he turned her down, she was incredulous, responding with, "Can't we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?" She also offered several other coworkers oral sex, and harassed another via text message, later offering "to help him study for his police exams by stripping off an item of clothing for every question he got correct."All of these men turned Parfrey down, and she was eventually let go. 

Meanwhile, there's a minor controversy brewing over how the hosts of The View treat their male guests. Jo Piazza of writes: "The women on the show, by virtue of their age and status into the media world are able to say and do pretty much what they please, including invading the personal space of male guests and talking to them about subjects that would be taboo if the genders were reversed." Examples include their discussion of Robert Pattinson's private parts, their grilling of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino regarding his condom usage, and their flat-out declaration of Benicio Del Toro as "sexy." Is Office Flirting Good For Business?

And yes, he is sexy. But this does, admittedly, reek of double standards. Want To Keep Your Job? Work it!

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