How To Date A Girly Guy


date male ballerina
So he isn't gay—score!—6 dos and don't to follow when dating a feminine guy.

The recent news of Natalie Portman homewrecking her way into the arms of a ballet dancer (the male kind—Benjamin Mellepied) didn't have us thinking about infidelity or Swan Lake—but girly men. Now we can't be certain Benjamin is of the scented candles and bubble bath variety, for all we know he pounds Budweiser, watches football and vanishes at the words "can we talk?" But there's a chance (maybe it's the tights?) that Ben's a stay-at-home and watch Gilmore Girls reruns type of a guy.

Which can be refreshing! After a string of Alpha Males it might be nice to have a shopping companion and dedicated listener at your side. Why not? Here's a handy guide below:


1.) Approach sex more slowly. Years of dating Hot Masculine Guy Who Forgets To Call may have worn down your ability to place value on sex. Well, you can discard the Tough Girl facade with your new Girly Man. He likely won't want to rush sex and will be happy to lie in bed cuddling, discussing all the times HMGWFC disappeared. He understands the plight of the single woman and will wait until you feel comfortable. So wait! GM is extra sensitive to your emotions, and the wait will be well worth it in the end. The Smoking-Hot Reason To Avoid First-Date Sex

2.) Take off your shoes. Be sensitive to GM's inherent sense of organization, cleanliness and aesthetics. It's likely you'll have to follow his "sock-only" househould rule, use a coaster and help him tidy up. Hey, at least you won't have to worry about something rotting in his fridge. The Thermostat War, And 6 More Silly Compromises

3.) Don't be jealous of all his female friends. If he's a true GM, it's likely he has a harem of pretty female friends always writing on his Facebook wall and commenting on his every whim. Resist the urge for envy. It's likely he's never slept with any of them—or tried, even. GM's tend to attract women like bears to honey. What girl doesn't want a platonic male friend who isn't trying to bed her? It's like all the best things about having a gay friend plus the inside intelligence of straight guy mind. Facebook Causes Romantic Jealousy

4.) Don't tell him you thought he was gay. Your GM has been getting the "are you gay?" question since he packed a crust-less PBJ into his lunchbox and hopped on the school bus. It isn't a nice world out there for the effeminate straight guy, trust us, so don't follow the pack and giggle about how you thought he was a homosexual on dates one through five. Gayness Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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