8 New Relationship Slang Words We Love


8 New Relationship Slang Words We Love
Manicorn, precop and hot room are three slang words we love.

Like a healthy relationship, the English language is constantly evolving, so it's no surprise that we're constantly discovering new love-related words. Some of these neologisms we hope to never hear again (cum dumpster, we wish we never knew ye), but some are delightful. Below, ten relationship slang words we hope will catch on in 2009.

Definition: A satisfying way to refer to your cheating, swindling, good-for-nothing ex.
"I saw that you Facebook friended my ex-hole—what's up with that?"

To stay home with your significant other instead of going out.
"We'd planned to go to the reading, but we were so tired after dinner that we just cupcaked."

Hot Room
A social situation in which there are complicated relationship dynamics.
"Carol's party was such a hot room—Lily's ex-husband arrived with his new fiancé, just as Lily was preparing to leave with that male model."

An pre-sex agreement between two adults stating that they won't get emotionally involved with each other.
"I just invited Chris over to cupcake—it's a definite violation of our precop so he might not come."

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