Carey Hart's Tattoo Of A Very Dead Pink


Pink's on-again off-again Carey Hart inks her face onto his leg.

Conventional wisdom suggests that tattooing your current love interest's face or name onto your own body is not a good idea. Not a good idea x 10 when that tattooing is done to prove devotion to your on-again off-again lover, a la Carey Hart's Day of the Dead inspired leg tattoo of Pink

As you can read and see on the motorcross stars Twitter account, he's quite excited about the tat (for now):

1st tat2 session on my leg by @francovescovi. @pink portrait done day of the dead style. @biggusink is up nex" along with this picture of his new tattoo.

wait til you see it in person! So insane!!!" he tweeted at a friend later. [Source: TweetPhoto via Huffington Post]

At least when he says "she's dead to me" during their next off-again session his body art will be in agreement!

Photo via TweetPhoto.


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